Icons everywhere, the icon has now become a powerful communication tool, such as startups and companies recognize the importance and potential upside to invest in this area.. So there is no surprise that icon design has become serious profession and create something meaningful that will ultimately leave a mark on the way we interact with the digital world that has become more and more integrated into our mundane lives.
In this article I share some simple, basic keys to effective custom icon design which can create great results if they are followed.

Icons should be natural and fit into their ‘family’ if they are part of a larger icon sets, and simplicity is the best way of going about this. This doesn’t necessarily follow current design trends, but it's obviously important to stay creative and custom icons should have communicated a message to a client, plain and straightforward.

Consistency is one of the simplest ways of making you free icons set when you need to design a number of icons for any project. Go with an essential style for your entire icon set whether you’re making an Icon for website or icon for mobile.
With consistency and simplicity, it’s also important that your custom iconsstay different from one another. If your icons become too identical,this will confuse users and make difficult their interaction with a system.

Icons should be versatile for a range of environments, particularly if your icon will be used across various platforms.
The icons has it’s own significance, it should be aligned with the content or the main idea it has been designed. An improper icon design may often bemuse the users. This can happen when there is no match of icon and web content. It must be ubiquitously acceptable.

Professional icon designer plays a crucial role for website building, the elegance of the icon makes the users understand the product better. They are helpful in utilizing the application or websites to acquire the desired results. Along with the uniformity and versatility the icon can be designed in efficacious ways.